Sewing is my passion

I've been a creative spirit, a thinker, a designer, and an artist for as long as I can remember. I love art, architecture, graphic design & layouts, conceptual design, and modern fabrics.

My degree is a BLA in Landscape Architecture. I had a brief career as an Urban Designer/Park Planner. Burned out by the stress and long hours of corporate jobs, and not remotely finding much joy... I left the $$$ + stress behind, to be a SAHM.

I grew up watching my very mathematically minded parents enjoy sewing and woodworking hobbies.
Meanwhile... My mother had been begging me to sew for YEARS.
Seriously, YEARS.
Sewing... I used to think, I wouldn't have patience for it.
I used to think, I can't do that - and even if I did - it would be ugly.
I used to think, it's too hard to try.
I used to think, who would buy my items?
Then one day... I just got over the fear and signed up for a sewing class for hand made appliques at a local sewing studio. That was the spark I need to light my JOY. I taught myself how to sew + monogram + embroider + applique... with plenty of support from my #1 seamstress, my Mother. The rest is history!

To offset the financial challenges of being a SAHM... for extra income, I then ventured into the classroom, and taught Preschool for 4 years, my while still maintaining HBA. I've since walked away from teaching now that I have 4 children. Eight years later HBA has grown and changed quite a bit as a small business - and I am looking forward to my next business challenge - transitioning HBA to almost full-time.

Now it's 2016, and I own 4 different sewing machines, including an industrial 6 needle, and I sew almost DAILY.

Referrals are my biggest compliments, Thank you. I love to see customer photos.

~~Be Creative. Be BOLD. Be Unique. Be fun. Be you~~
Thanks for reading this far & God Bless!,
- Amanda :-)

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